Location, location, location!

When investing into real estate there are several factors to consider, but mainly – Location.
Phuket has so many factors for making it into an Ideal Investment Spot.

Phuket has seen increasing numbers of tourist for the past decade and those numbers are increasing to the extent where infrastructure is falling behind. This has been acknowledged by the Thai Government and now, Millions and Billions of Baht is put into Infrastructure, expansion of airports, roads and so on.

The investment on infrastructure in term increases the comfort and accessibility and therefor attracts even more tourists.
Another key investment point is that Phuket Island has heavy building restrictions.
This makes land scares and being an island, once the land is out, there is no more expansion possibilities. Combined with an International Airport with direct flight from several hundred airport all over the world and you have a winning concept.

As Phuket used to be a backpacker place and “cheap” place, this is no longer the case. The Island now houses people whom is looking for affordable luxury and high luxury.

TTF (Thailand Tourist Forum) in Jan 2017 showed that Phuket’s Accommodation Supply increased with 3% while the demand increased with over 9% in 2016.
This is amongst the highest numbers in the entire Asean region according to the Report on Accommodation Trends.

Source: strglobal.com

All and all, Phuket is so much more than just a monetary money investment.
It’s also a lifestyle investment that allows you to improve your quality of life, your lifestyle while making profits.